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Started by SnitchyPoo

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Moderator / Helper


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You should choose me to be on the ApexSkyblock Staff Team because I am friends' with the owner; Have alot of experience of being staff on other Minecraft servers, and I am looking to get into playing Skyblock again. Also I am a good staff member, and nice to be around. I would also like to become staff because it would be my first time becoming staff on a SkyBlock server if I were to be accepted.


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Hi! I'm SnitchyPoo, also known as Snitchy. I am a Minecraft + Discord nerd, and do alot of stuff around it. I have been staff on other servers such as:

SlowNewt's pond


Role: Moderator.

Member count: 220



Role: Helper


Member Count: 24k



Role: CO-Owner

Member count: 5


Role: CO-Owner


Member count:20
ROLE: Administrator
Member count: 1k

12 months ago